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any advice? i have this friend. weve always been very cuddly and huggy and stuff but ive gotten a crush i think. see one night i kissed her cheek as we were holding each other but then she went straight for my neck and it got intense. its one of my fav memories, later we said it was confusion and dismissed it but that happened again last time i saw her. except she stopped and seemed confused. i think im okay with these feelings now but im wandering if i should wait for her. i care alot. thanks

Talk to her about your feelings and what she thinks of you, i would say that she likes you if she kisses you like that! But if she needs time, don’t push her and see what happends then!
Good luck :*

Btw I think it’s going to work out haha ;D

I love your blog!!! Can you suggest any similar blogs I should check out?

Thank you :3 There are sooo many nice blogs, like tattooed-letters, devinsummers, gleeksoldier, lezgetdownn, and 10000 other blogs haha :D

Hi Hi... im new to tumblr, but anyway want to ask you a question. im 19 just had my heart broken by my first girlfriend, just want to know is it always gonna be this painful?

Oh I’m sorry to hear that :( Well when you break up with someone it’s always painful, so yes it’ll be like that most of the times, I think :P

Hi I'm 12 I'm into my friend she's a girl and she's into me to she said it and I wasn't shocked I felt the same way and I told my mom I feel like I'm bi she said that don't worry bout that now your young and your gonna be confused at this age ... Is that true ? Thanks for answering my question and listening

Some people are confused at that age, because they have feelings for the same gender. It can be confusion, but if you’ll get older you know it better if it was a crush or if you’re really bi! But have fun now with your girlfriend and don’t let the others tell you it’s not a real relationship or something like that! ;)